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(This essay was my first piece of writing to win an award.  Guess what -- I was 11 years old!)

Everybody wants peace. Some people think we don't, and never will, have peace.  Living overseas, I can tell you that we do have unity and harmony, right here in Naples, Italy.  To be exact, in Parco D'Antona.

Unity is oneness, everybody combining as a whole.  Unity is many cultures becoming a harmonious world.  To do this, the cultures don't need to change.  They just need to show some human decency and love.

Unity is harmony, which can be expressed using the orchestra.  In the orchestra, you have many instruments, which are put together in families.  You can, for example, take one violin and put it together with one flute.  They harmonize, and sound lovely. If you took the entire string and woodwind families, it would sound even better.  If you put all the four families together, (strings, brass, woodwind, and percussion) it would sound even more exquisite.  That's the way it is with harmony - the more, the merrier!

If you thought of that as in people, you would not be putting together instruments, but instead races, cultures, nationalities, and heritage.  They would still be distinct, but, all in all, a great picture!
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr would have been proud of the Naples community.  In many ways, we are what he fought for - harmony, less prejudice, and true love for one another.  Here are two very good examples:

  • In the Parco where I live, Parco D'Antona, there is a big mixture of nationalities, skin colors, and races, but everybody gets along.  We have the French, Italians, Americans, Yugoslavs, and English.  Through the many parties that have been thrown by and for all nations, we have become great friends, seeing we all know how to socialize and have a good time.
  • My dad works at AIRSOUTH, and in his office are a Greek officer and a Turk officer.  The Turks and Greeks have long been enemies, but these two gentlemen were the best of friends.  They had the ability to look past nationalities and see that, inside, they were both great people.

If everyone had the ability to look past the color of someone's skin, their heritage and culture, the language they speak, and their nationality, they could discover that everyone is actually, a good friend to have, in some way or another.  If this dream came true, the world would be a better, safer place.

Without even the unity and harmony we have now, the world would be a big, fighting, terrible mess, much worse than it is today.  What you have to remember is, unity is not an impossible fantasy.  It is in existence today, otherwise we would not have the word.  What we need to do is expand this love and understanding that many cultures, nationalities, and races already have for one another.  We could make it worldwide, between all cultures and races.  Remember this: It was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's dream.  It is your dream.  It is everybody's dream.  There is hope.

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